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VRP Institute Overview

overviewpic1VRP Institute, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization, is committed to addressing community and school needs and the growing obstacles of today’s youth and young adults by developing project solutions through an instructional model based on collaboration and problem-based learning. We achieve this through programming that includes service learning, positive self-esteem building/positive choices, learning and innovation skills (critical thinking and problem solving), tutorials, financial literacy, business and entrepreneurship concepts (information literacy and media), mentorship (life and career skills), summer camps, educational services, and STEM. All programs offered are rooted in 21st century concepts and this model aligns itself to transformational development that builds a wall of support for youth and young adults that are excelling, at risk, or in trouble of withdrawing from school and/or community.

VRP Institute, Inc. has a 96.8% success rate in positively changing the course of the lives of youth (6th – 12th grade) and young adults age 18-23. We are passionate about our work of change and improvement with youth and young adults who in turn will make a positive impact in their communities and society. We believe the community in need must take the initiative and responsibility to solve its own issues and challenges given ample and appropriate resources to do so; thus we are interdependent.

We have an obligation to encourage, educate, and support our youth and young adults; while engaging, empowering, and advancing the value they bring to society. It is our continued mission to develop 21st century leaders, provide in-school support and academic/financial enrichment programming, train teachers, and activate parent/community involvement. VRP Institute, Inc. seeks funding and working capital support to further advance our initiatives and programs and assist in financing our projected growth by having the ability to increase our capacity of youth and young adults we serve.