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NC REACH is a collaboration of four (4) for/nonprofit organizations, LEAs, and support services that have supported this community independently for more than ten years. The consortium has more than 15 years of experience in school administration, teaching, educational programs, drop-out prevention, parent/staff leadership development, financial literacy, and working with fragile families on the local, state, and national level. Our collaboration of networks includes:

1) VRP Institute, Inc. – Anthony Howard
2) Behavioral Health Intervention Center, LLC (BHIC) – Christopher Matthews
3) Mills Foundation – Linsey and Michelle Mills
4) Avant-Garde Leaders – Shanniska Howard

NC REACH’s mission is to develop 21st-century leaders, provide in-school support and academic/financial enrichment programming, train teachers, and activate parent/community involvement.

Our partners are specialists in supporting educational and economically disadvantaged schools that are Title I, SIG, and/or AYP deficient. Our R.E.A.C.H programs provide educational advantages that will aid in expanding the circumference of an individuals knowledge by increasing the diameter of their thinking.

NC REACH is designed to create, implement, and support successful and effective parent involvement plans, evidence-based academic enrichment programs, community activities that lead to successful school partnerships, and a functional community support system. Implementing a systematic approach to engaging families and embracing diversity will create successful schools that build trust and collaborative relationships with families and build capacity in vital areas of communication, partnership, and shared responsibility for the school’s success. Schools that succeed in engaging families from diverse backgrounds will see higher levels of trust and respect between the family and school, which provides an environment conducive for embracing partnership with shared power and responsibility.

NC REACH is committed to taking an active role in closing the achievement gap by setting high expectations for all students. There will be a need for adequate resources, which will require the mobilization of community support, cooperation, and investment by engaging faith-based organizations, higher education institutions, and businesses. The collective effort of each entity will allow us to reach our goal of closing the achievement gap by replacing deficiencies with student proficiency and academic mastery.

Understanding the African proverb “It takes a village…”; NC REACH was formed with a focus on the following questions:

1) How can we equitably distribute the resources we have?

2) How efficiently can we use our talents; understanding that the pressures of education today and the need to meet/exceed performance target goals is the measurement?

It is our belief/vision that through collective work, responsibility, and combining talents; we can help build stronger communities and schools while also identifying/implementing sustainable solutions. Ultimately, stronger communities perpetuate a stronger nation. We align with these goals through our mission to develop 21st century leaders, provide academic/financial enrichment programming, train teachers, graduate students, and engage parents by building capacity in three staple areas of Engagement, Empowerment, and Advancement.